Coping with Stress and Anxiety

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Easy Techniques to Reduce Feelings of Anxiety, Stress and Fear

In daily life, stress and anxiety surrounds you: simply getting to work or school, dealing with peers and colleagues, balancing the budget, and communicating with friends and family can increase feelings of anxiety and even fear. Some feelings of anxiety are normal and healthy; extreme anxiety can be physically and emotionally overwhelming.

When you learn to cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy, effective way you’ll not only breath easier, you’ll have better relationships and be more productive at work. Coping with stress and anxiety can ease specific stressful situations, such as surgery.
Anxiety Information

The National Institute of Mental Health cites that 40 million people in America suffer from anxiety disorders. Feelings of anxiety are not only common and treatable – they’re inevitable.

Feelings of anxiety range from mild uneasiness to extreme terror. “Fear is the most powerful emotion,” says Michael Fanselow, a University of California (Los Angeles) psychologist. It’s necessary for survival, and it’ll keep you alive and healthy unless it escalates to abnormal proportions. Appropriate fear and anxiety can help you perform well, keep you alert, and even help you deal with pain.

Physical Effects of Anxiety and Stress

You know how anxiety and stress changes your body. Unhealthy levels of anxiety can cause intestinal problems, stomach pains, headaches, rashes, or flare ups of other chronic illnesses such as ulcerative colitis or migraines. Insomnia and fatigue can also result – as well as psychological struggles such as extreme debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

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  1. Nan says:

    It is good to see that you've contributed to our community by posting this post. Many of us don't know what's actually the symptoms of stress and anxiety. And they also don't know that the stress and anxiety disorder can lead to the heart attacks which is one of the critical health problem in our population today.

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  2. leila says:

    Stress and anxiety needs to be addressed properly and immediately before it leads to a psychological disorder. Depression and anxiety attacks for example may have physical manifestations and sometimes these conditions may be beyond one's control but do always keep in mind that we need to control and attune our thoughts to neutralize these feelings without any medication needed.

    Anxiety treatments like SSRIs are known to have untowards side effects like Paxil for example. It worsens the anxiety and depression instead of alleviating it. Many have been affected with this drug in a negative way due to its side effects.

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